Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ouch. Okay, Two strikes...

I finished reinstalling my laptop, again. At this point the biggest headaches are getting the premissions set for the way I like having Cygwin setup. Thankfully, the rest mostly works, given a missing registry key here or there. Nothing huge.

When I bought the laptop I also got an external HD and Norton Ghost v9.0 figuring, that if this type of headache occurred, I could backup and restore the system in no time. As you've seen me complaining, I've yet to get a complete image restored - this time I finally got curious enough to go poking around and found an answer;
Symantec does not provide technical support for imaging RAID drives, regardless of whether the drive uses software level RAID or hardware level RAID. Successfully imaging a RAID drive is dependent on the specific computer model, driver controller, hard drive, and RAID implementation. Symantec provides the following information only as an aid to cloning RAID drives. This information is a suggestion only. It is likely to work only in limited circumstances. Symantec does not provide support for the following information.
That could explain why I can't get the full image to restore. Man, did I fall for the hype. When the laptop works, it cranks, but its the only system I've ever owned where each time I power it on I cross my fingers and hope it boots. Then, I finally get Ghost, after seeing it put to good use and forget to ask the obvious question - Will it work with my hardware? Looks like the answer is no.

Strike 2 qor, nice job... Why didn't I build another desktop? *shrugs*

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