Thursday, April 06, 2006

Poker on TV is edited?

I hope you read that title and said "No kidding!" or "How could you not know that?!" Thing is, I've gotten into discussions with people where they were basing the game play on the few hands we see on these shows. While a good way to pick up some tips, it certainly isn't a replacement for playing or reading any of the numerous books that are available. Since I'm a nobody, I'll let you read about it from Daniel Negreanu over on The Poker Gazette.
The post entitled "There's more to televised poker, so be careful what you learn" talks about what I've been saying.

Here's a quick summary;
  • "There is always more to the story than what you see on television"
This should be a "duh" but we, as television watchers, do forget it. The game is edited! Your only seeing the most "interesting" hands. Which means someone, somewhere, edited out all the other plays. We rarely see a pro fold an Ace unless there has been some action in front of him, etc.
  • "...if you operate this way in a normal tournament setting, you're playing far too recklessly and aggressively."
On PokerStars I watch these "All-in-fanatics" implode all the time. Do they win occasionally? Sure they do, however, its bursty. I'd rather place consistently than always win or always lose.
  • "Viewer discretion is advised. Do not try these plays at home! Why? Again, the play is very advanced."
These guys are playing the game well above the home-table level. While we all aspire to this point, not many of us have Negreanu's or Brunson's sitting in. Oddly enough, using these advanced plays on your neighbors will likely bust you. As the man said, "You can only bluff an opponent who is paying attention."

As with most of what I've read from Daniel Negreanu, the post is to the point and dead on. I only wish his website offered an RSS feed of his blog and links to his posts so you didn't have to aggregate it yourself. Daniel: Add a technorati tag!

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