Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That's just...

Cold? Wrong? Nutz?
Though the players started with winter coats, they had the option of rebuying if they lost their chips by trading in the parka. Varkonyi did in fact rebuy, and played the remainder of the tournament in a t-shirt.
That was from a CardSquad post talking about the 2006 Extreme Poker Challenge. This years match was held on an Arctic Ice Shelf in Kemi, Finland. If you busted out in the first 30 minutes of the game you could trade in your parka for a rebuy.

When I read the original CardSquad post I thought the winner was nutz. It seems you need to be nutz in order to go:
WSOP Champion Robert Varkonyi was hit early on with a Bad Beat so played the majority of the tournament on only his shirt, running around the table to keep warm as his lips turned blue. The game continued for 1 ½ hours with 4 players wearing just their shirts, until Rob Varkonyi managed to beat off the opposition in a stunning final hand.
Perhaps you'd like the weather report: Temperature -15c and -20c with wind-chill (-10f)

That's just cold. Remind me not to complain about my trips on the flop losing out to the runner-runner straight. At least I was warm!

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