Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Useful sites...

Time for another of those compilation posts. This was triggered by an article over at SANS' ISC 'Spam Reporting Addresses' which talks about the various email addresses you can report spam to. Here are some other sites that I use when I am trying to figure out what is going on on the 'net.

SANS ISCThe SANS Internet Security Center reports on software/hardware bugs, attacks, and trends in the industry. As long as I've kept up with it, I've not got caught by the latest viruii and exploits going around. If you've gotten a "Go update this now!" email from me, likely I found it here.
SnopesSnopes does the hard work of researching and cataloging the various emails that go around. Odds are if its on the 'net you can find out if it is true here. If not, there is always Google.
Symantec Hoax ListSymantec (makers of Norton Antivirus) have always had a good listing of Viruii. Makes sense as they have to deal with it daily. This list is the hoaxes they encounter. Like Snope, this is a good resource to find out if something is real or not. For the curious you can also check out the complete list of viruii.

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