Thursday, April 20, 2006

The user would never do that...

When not playing WoW or on PokerStars I've been relaxing playing Rainbow Six 3 on the Xbox. I just finished up an interesting section where you are looking to liberate a hostage from a loading dock inside an oil refinery.

As we moved into the last section of the map, we were jumped by a decent squad of terrorists. Some sniping from windows, others behind cover on a ledge and a few on the ground. One of the ones on the ground had an RPG and, for some reason, a desire to blow the heck out of an empty fuel cylinder (think grain silo with the top snapped off). The game quickly informs you that you have to kill the RPG guy before he frags the oil refinery.

Ooops, too late, he did that while I was listening to the briefing. No problem, reload, move in. Have the team Flash-bang toward the terrorists on the ground, swap out to my grenade launcher, wait for the flash, pop out, frag all the ground based terrorists then mop up the others. Perfect. No deaths on the team either.

Okay, now what? The map is locked solid, and I can't see anything new. So I went off and burned an hour exploring the entire map trying to find what to do next. I was stuck. I tried going back in and clearing the terrorists again (using the same grenade trick). I was so stuck I resorted to the ultimate cheat - I looked it up online.

"Kill the RPG terrorist and the Warehouse doors open"

They do? Go back a few days later, work my way down, miscue on the team and end up bum rushing with my MP5 blazing. Thankfully the team had me covered, and I got the ground based terrorists and - oh look! - the door opened up to the warehouse.

It seems that the designers require me to shoot the guy in the head with a projectile not blow him up with secondary damage.

Um, guys, if he's firing RPGs and has cover fire, I'm not going to get close to him. But, as any programmer has said at least once in his career; "The user would never do that."

Right? *laughs*

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