Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ethical Silence?

When I set out to start writing here I set a few rules for myself. What I hadn't realized was how much silence following those guidelines would cause. So, since it's been so quiet, here are my guidelines for the blog;

  1. Nothing about work

  2. Well, not entirely true, nothing about my company, what it does, trade secrets, flaming the boss or the coworkers etc. Things I learn, like Microsoft tricks, programming "geekness" are all fair game as long as they don't violate any NDAs etc.

  3. Family and Friends, and their lives, remain anonymous

  4. I like writing about what goes on in the world around me, but that doesn't mean that people want me writing about them or what's going on in their lives. You'd think this was common sense, until you realize that common sense is what's in the paper. Guess what? This rule only applies to their sources, not their subject material.

  5. Nothing just to gain readership

  6. That could throw people for a loop, but I'm not out to make the A-list blogs (obviously, lol) and I don't want to write about things just to jump onto the latest badwagon. If it's here I want it to be because I found it interesting or important. If you want something other than that, there are plenty of news papers, magazines, and other blogs willing to write about the wind blowing. If it doesn't feel "news worthy" to me, it's not going to be here.

Simple enough. Makes for some challenges in my writing though. It would be very easy to talk directly about those events in my life that bring about changes. Family and friends working through challenges always bring about emotion and those emotions are usually easy to put into writing, but in doing so I would break #2 above. Which leaves me often figuring out how to write about something without writing about it. After all, if they wanted to share that event on the 'net - they would have their own blog!

Funny that in doing so I usually learn more than I would have had I just written about it directly. Perhaps that's the lesson, sometimes its the harder path that leads to the more usefull lessons - taking the short cut, sensationalizing and "playing the game because that's the way the game is played", paint you into a corner that you can't escape from as everyone is busily painting over what you just painted and climbing over you to get to the next rung on the ladder.

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