Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sick = Silence

That was one weider what-ever-it-was. No appetite, short lived fever, and two weeks of just not feeling like myself. Some of these cold/flu things are just weird. Add to that a lack of anything to write about that isn't overly politically charged (and not normally land mines I prefer to step on) and you get a quiet blog.

This space for rent? *laughs* I'll find something interesting to post about, promise...

For the poker folks, a "laugh at this" hand...

3 players, I'm on the button. I get dealt 7 2 offsuit. I call, see if I can hit something on the flop. Small blind calls (as he's been doing with everything lately), large blind checks.

Flop comes down K 8 5 rainbow. No help. Amazingly both players check to me.I debate betting, but the guy to my left has been calling down everything I throw out, so I check.

Turn is a blank and again it is checked to me. I should have taken a shot at it, but didn't. River, same thing. A very bland hand to say the least, and we go to the showdown!

Guy to my left? Pocket 2s.
His left? 7 2 off suit
Me? well, another 7 2 off suit.

Winner, pair of 2s! Fear the 2s.

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