Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What is that yellow orb?

You've probably read about the rains in the northeast over the past few weeks. We didn't need a hurricane to dump tons of rain, we have "normal weather" that dumps up to 8 inches on us when its bored. If you want to see some pics check out here, here and here. After too many days without blue sky or sun, both peaked out late yesterday afternoon.

I took the opportunity and ran to my martial arts class. It was surreal, it felt more like after a snow storm. Everything and everyone was very quiet. Even the dogs weren't greeting me like they normally do when I do my route. The wind was calm, and there weren't too many cars.

The walk home was neat, a clear sky with stars. It's amazing how much those little things mean. I could see the stars again. No clouds, no rain. I can only imagine what it must feel like for the people with the flood surges.

No surprise that this morning my son wakes up and reminds us forgetful parents that "it's sunny!" and he wants his birthday gifts, the spring powered planes that fly all over. Armed, he and his sisters went outside and proved that it was sunny.

You probably guessed it, 8am, Wednesday morning I was up on a ladder to get a toy plane off the roof. I'll take it over the rain. *laughs*

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