Sunday, June 18, 2006

2nd Annual WBCoOP

That's the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker. Doesn't WBCoOP roll off the tongue? Doesnt' matter, this is year two of Pokerstar's blogger game - the first one was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how I do this year (here's last year hour one and two) . This year there are 2247 players registered (up fron 1471 last year). I placed 360 out of 1471 (top 24% not too bad) I'm hoping to place this year, top 54 win something with 1st place getting a 10k buy-in to the WSOP main event.

Ouch. Didn't make the first hour, my pocket Ks lost to pocket As around 50 minutes in. I ended up in 1653.... a wee bit out of the winnings. :)

That's how it goes.

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Mr. X said...

Bah. You need to be less cocky young pup.