Friday, June 02, 2006

Is a 20 foot longer walk that hard?

My eldest asked me to meet her for lunch at her Kindergarten. I've done this before, swing in, sign up as a guest, wait in line feeling like Guliver. It's a fun time. She loves it and her classmates know me well enough to ask questions and be silly.

As usual I left myself enough time to play car tag in the parking lot. The entrance to the school is not much bigger than one lane and if anyone is leaving as your going in, it can be interesting. After the normal "lets see who knows the boundaries of their car best" games we were heading in to park. We rounded the corner and she stopped.

I couldn't figure this move out. I could see at least 5 open spots that were just a "pull straight in" in front of us. The driver in front of me was pausing as if contemplating the harder turn into the slots that are next to the school. Sure enough, she was and she pulled into the handicapped spot.
Given the diversity of students at the school, I didn't give this much thought. There are plenty of students who have hadicapped plates and placards. I pulled into one of the easy spots I had seen. As I got out I noticed she didn't have a handicapped plate. Not a big deal, since her car was parked adjacent to the ramp leading in, I scanned it for a placard. Didn't have one.

Okay, perhaps she forgot. So as we all walked in I remarked to her that she forgot to put it out. I got the "I'm just dropping off quickly and I took the spot and it wont hurt anyone" look with the "Uh. I'm just dropping my child off." excuse.

Sorry, would the 20 foot longer walk and few seconds extra delay in parking, walking, and driving away impact your schedule that much that you should put one of the people that has need of it out into the other spots?

"It's no big deal, can't they walk that far?" Yes, but they shouldn't have too. They have earned the right to that spot due to their own challenges or their children's. You have not.

A lot has been said about the deteriorating morals of our country. Some blame PC games, others TV, the list goes on. In the end, I don't think it is any of those factors; it is things like this. We lead by example, and the example you just showed your child was this; This rule inconvenienced me, so I'm not going to follow it.

Take pride in your children, teach them that it isn't inconvenient - it's the right thing to do.

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