Thursday, June 15, 2006

No rants?

Last night I watched an episode of the new Celebrity Poker Showdown with its new host Phil Hellmuth. I was expecting a few rants, you know, the normal Phil stuff. Nothing. Nadda. He didn't even raise his voice. He did, calmy, explain why he thought plays were bad or what he would have expected in a given situation... but almost robotically.

What a let down! I was hoping to hear some sparks flying, but no, just a normal guy doing commentary. Perhaps once the hosts gel there will be some of the previous seasons feel to it. Right now, it's just celeb's playing yet more poker with Phil making an occasional comment.

If you've never seen Phil H. without his trademark hat and dark glasses, you have to check this show out. My mental image of him wasn't even close.


Mr. X said...

He's still an ASS.

-john said...

Pretty much "Stepford" Phil -- not quite sure how they managed that :-)

I think I like watching the other Phil -- the poker-playing, uber-brat Phil that everyone love to hate -- much better!

qor72 said...

Well put John. It's wrong watching him be normal... Stepford-Phil indeed!