Friday, July 28, 2006

I hear an echo

I just received the following CNN alert:
President Bush says he would back a U.N. resolution, deployment of multinational force, to end Middle East crisis.
Mr. Bush, you already have a war going on in Iraq. Around 4000 troops had their tours extended and more troops are landing in country1. That doesn't sound like we're pulling out any time soon. Is it wise to be thinking about turning it into a multiple-front war?

If the Middle East decides to test your resolve, the ones suffering are the ones already suffering; our troops. You might want to pick up a rifle and walk the perimiter for a few while thinking this through sir.

1 Quick google for "busy deploy troops iraq" will get you a list. Here's one link.


ehrich said...

To be fair he is saying that he supports a "multi-national" force. There is nothing saying that there has to be a US presence in that force.

qor72 said...

Aye, that is true - how many UN multinational forces don't include US troops though?