Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

Now that I've relaxed while driving to and from the tournaments I've been enjoying the local scenery. This past trip 3 signs caught my eyes;

I'd love to know why in Connecticut the fine for littering is $219. Not $200 or $220, but $219. I'm sure there is a committee somewhere that knows the answer, but that just cracked me up.
Can't you just see some guy telling his wife; "Aw man, That's $1 over my $218 limit!"

There's a farm selling "Haywood". I'm pretty sure they mean hay and wood as the punctuation was there, at some point in history. For a few miles I sat there wondering what "haywood" as a product could be. New style of Duraflame log perhaps?

There's a reason you should think through renaming things after famous folk. I'm sure Al Gore is very honored by the graveyard, but "Gore Graveyard" just brings the wrong mental images to mind.

* Bonus points if you recognized the song from Tesla (or The Five Man Electrical Band depending upon your favorite decade) for the title of the post.

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