Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's in a firework?

As I stood with my kids watching the show I found my mind wandering to what the meaning of the fireworks really were. The kids saw a beautiful show of colorful sparks that flew through the air. Daddy was sitting there remembering all the troops, past and present, that gave us the gift of being able to sit here and watch the show.

Each flash brought my mind a little further distant from the room, thinking of the men and women who were dodging real fireworks, the kind that were aimed at you instead of away from you. They weren't with their family, watching a show, they were with their units hoping to see their families.

I thought, for a few moments, about telling my kids about this and decided not to. There is plenty of time for them to have to deal with reality - for now, they've been given the gift of innocence, they should be allowed to enjoy it.

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