Friday, July 21, 2006

World of Warcraft stealing money from the industry?

No, not embezzlement. I wish I could find the original article talking about it (but thankfully I did find another mentioning it). The idea being that the success and draw of World of Warcraft (and I'd argue EverQuest, EVE, etc.) keep people from purchasing other games.
“For retail PC games, I think the biggest problem is World of Warcraft,” Sullivan said. “It is such a compelling MMO game that it sucks up a lot of money and time that would normally be spent on other retail PC games.”
That quote hits the nail on the head. I don't think WoW is stealing money from the industry, rather, the gamers are comparing their experiences in WoW to a $50 purchase that may only last 12 hours as a single player game.

I admit to this myself. I used to buy a PC game a month at the height of my gaming addiction (and I swear there were enough good titles to buy at that point!). Now, I only buy those that really catch my attention.

Give you a recent example, Prey. I thought the game sounded very interesting, so I tossed it up on my Amazon wish list and figured I'd pick it up as my birthday rolled around. The game released and my friends online started posting reviews. So did everyone else on the net, the game has about 8 hours of playable content, fun content, but for $50 I expect a little more than 8 hours.

Instead of complaining that people aren't buying PC games anymore and that WoW has 'stolen' from the industry, it's time to look at why WoW is holding onto gamers. The answer to that will bring things around again.

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ehrich said...

I think its more that the electronic gaming industry has moved away from PC titles. It may be that developement is "easier" for the consoles. (Less issues with graphic and sound compatibility. (I thought DirectX was supposed to take care of that)) As well as a bigger market for console games. The last two good PC games I bought were Civ4 and AoE3. Everything else just seems to look like so much crap, and I'd much rather pay 19.99 for a somewhat mindless download game then waste 49.99 for something that ends up being crap.

Oh and down't get me started on the EBX / GameStops....