Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Darkest before the light...

It spilled into the house a few weeks ago. At first, it wasn't too bad. It made things look dirty, dark somehow even during a bright July day. Slowly it spread through the house darkening even the most fun things. At least at first, it seemed like a bad mood had grabbed the house, no one was themselves. Then it got worse.

The light had gone from the fun, smiles and laughter were replaced by shouting and frowns. Everything seemed to go wrong, although nothing was going wrong. Small, trivial things, came under the scrutiny of the darkness - nothing was exempt.

Even worse, no one noticed.

The darkness had become "normal". It always felt wrong, but if you looked for it you couldn't see it. Shining a light into a corner scared it off, but the moment the light was gone it was back. Happiness was being replaced.

Finally the day came for the words to drive it away. The phone rang and my wife said three words...

"It's not cancer"

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