Friday, August 18, 2006

Hallooo Molten Core!

It's interesting to look back on how your gaming career has progressed. I started playing PC games with F-19, and even a Chuck Yeager flight sim (that didn't have weapons! *gasp*). Then at my first job got hooked on playing Doom with my coworkers, then Descent, and onward we went.

A few jobs later would see me creating my Quake 2 Mod and then some of those coworkers starting the EverQuest addiction. One of those would even make "70" and start planar progression. A few single player titles in there, like Morrowind and FEAR, a long beta with GuildWars and then World of Warcraft.

Somehow, during all that history, there was a change in reality of the gamers and my wife and I are the only ones still playing. The rest have stopped, for the most part. Civ III? Couldn't get anyone into it. Company of Heroes? Looks like the same. WoW? Got a few, but most are quitting - even the level 70 convert from EQ.

Which leaves me entering Molten Core with the guild and, for once, having no one to talk to about it. It's no big deal for the guild now, they've been taking down Rags for a month now and tearing up MC for as long as I've been in the guild - so aside from friends in the guild understanding the feeling of accomplishment, well, as my daughter would say;

It's like watching rainbows in the dark.

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