Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I didn't place 3rd.

Placed 2nd. w00t!

Got into a 5000 player 300+20 (play money) at Pokerstars. Started at 8pm and ended at 2:30a. Had the chip lead for a long time. Came into the final table 3rd in chips. We started with blinds of 40k/80k with 4k antes and battled it out till we were heads up at 150k/300k with 10k antes.

I was toast, made a bad read and got my stack reduced to nadda early in the heads up match. Can't say I'm surprised, I was seeing my concentration wander by 1am. At least it was a draw out on the final hand. I had pushed back to over 600k and was all in with top pair and he caught the flush on the river to win.

Payout was 215k in fake chips. I'll post more details once I'm conscious and crawl through the log for stats and fun hands.

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