Monday, August 07, 2006

She hit me!

I've had the honor of working with one of our new students at my martial arts class. She's a little over 5 foot tall and has no control, yet. It's to be expected, however, it's new to me. Most of the students I work with, even the ones that "have no control" have control enough to not hit full strength. Not so in this case.

My instructor refers to this as part of my "trials". I can see why, I've learned a lot. It's no longer block to practice, its block correctly so that I don't get smacked. We were doing an exercise where we were practicing blocking by bringing the attack up and into your bicep (if your familiar with it, think #1 or #2 block out of the 8 point system). This works very well for people of your height or greater, when they are shorter, if you don't adjust, you get a fist in the chin and if the puncher is not in control of the punch it is a wake up call. Trust me.

The interesting thing isn't that I'm getting hit, that's part of learning, it's that I've noticed my reactions being jaded. People I trust implicitly to control their punches I've been flinching at. It's left me thinking of how the mind processes things in these situations; although I know other students will not land a punch I still react as if they will. Both good and bad depending on the situation.

Makes me wonder what other events left marks like that where you react, not because the person is that way but, because you are afraid of being hurt.

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Mr. X said...

So, You now have women hitting on you? You'll have made it when you are paid for it.