Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rambling, rambling, rambling - raw hide!

Hmm, hasn't been a good year for the caffeine addiction. I'm going through my "one week off" and it's the second time doing that this year (check out the post in April). 2006 has been "an interesting year". I think that is the proper euphemism for "big phuqing pain". I can imagine how the Holiday season is going to be. Probably dead boring if the rest of the spaz year is any indication.

At least most of the shopping is done for Christmas and we can get our yearly "HTF DO YOU DO THAT?!" from friends and family. Funny, I used to be irked if I wasn't done by now - guess I've mellowed.

So what's been going on? Normal drama in the MMO world, I'll spare you the details. Lets just say that the "I'm sorry we can't hire you because you don't have experience" "And how do I get experience if you don't hire me?" scenario translates right into the gaming world. On the other hand, my alts are getting play time at least proving the game doesn't suck.

I've also started playing Company of Heroes. Finally an RTS that I can get back into. The single player has been a blast. You command units during WWII starting on Omaha and pushing inward. Defending Carentan was a rush, literally, they almost got me. Silly me forgot to have a fall back defensive perimeter. ooops. I can't wait to try it online with the other CDLers that are hooked.

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