Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Changing to reader....

No doubt that I live in Google, but until recently it was restricted to search or maps. I finally caught up (a little) with the world and migrated from FireFox's Sage extension to the Google Reader.

I have used Sage for the past year or so, no major complaints. I wish it would auto-update, but that's minor as I don't sit around waiting for sites to update. Otherwise, it did everything I needed. The drawback was keeping my home and office systems sync'd. I had to export and import settings to browse my lists at home or work depending on which one I had updated.

No more of that. Exported my Sage settings and have been getting more and more hooked on Reader. It does keep track of what has changed, allows you to tag things for quick browsing, you can export your lists for backup purposes but you don't need to sync home and office as Google owns you (what you expected me to miss that fact? *laughs*)

If you have a few blogs, RSS feeds, news, etc. that you track and you haven't given Reader a shot. You should.

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