Thursday, October 26, 2006

A day in the ...

It's amazing how much can change in one week. In the past week the politics within the group has gone insane. It started when, I'm told, 25 people were thinking about leaving and going off on their own. Obviously, everyone else wasn't too happy about this. Even worse, the manglement types didn't communicate any of this until folks had already started quitting.

It got ugly. Accusations were being thrown this way and that, more people quit. For awhile there it looked like the entire thing was going to go belly up. Still, those remaining stuck it out and are trying to rebuild. The original 25 is more like 40 now. Most of the folks working on the core projects up and left to do their own thing. Many after that left due to managements inaction and lack of communication.

Boggles the mind. This has probably set us back a good four or five months in project terms. I doubt all the aftershocks have stopped, even after a week of quit-quakes.
Even more scary when you realize I'm talking about what happened with my Guild in WoW and not about the company I work for. Games imitate life, politics included.

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