Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is this Heaven? Where's my Goldfish?

It was the first pet death in the house today. My daughters Betta died. The fish had been on the ropes for a few weeks and we, the completely clueless parents, listened to the store we bought her from that things would "be alright". I should have spent five minutes in google.

Lets see, the fish likes 75F water or higher. Well, the bowl wasn't heated and nights around here have been dipping into the high 60s. The fish froze to death. Thanks pet store for not warning us to get a heater.

Anyway, so I'm coding away this morning and my eldest comes down and says "Dad. Come upstairs." in a way that made me wonder who died. She wouldn't tell me what was going on and I was left to figure it out. Thankfully her brother had other plans and blurted out "Pink died."

Pink was the name of the fish. Yup, sure enough, one dead fish and one less than happy 1st grader. Took awhile before the tears hit, but they did. She colored a little memorial fish plaque out of cardboard and construction paper and headed off to school. I've been informed the burial will be after school today.

Next time, a little more research and a heater for tropicals.

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