Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scott Adams' sums it up...

His complete blog post on Electronic Voting can be found here. Trust me, this one you want to read;
I think about the history of ATMs when I hear all the nervous Nellies wetting their pants over electronic voting machines. I believe those worries are totally misplaced. Now don’t get me wrong – there’s a 100% chance that the voting machines will get hacked and all future elections will be rigged. But that doesn’t mean we’ll get a worse government. It probably means that the choice of the next American president will be taken out of the hands of deep-pocket, autofellating, corporate $h*tbags and put it into the hands of some teenager in Finland. How is that not an improvement?
Told you you wanted to check it out. It will be interesting to see if anyone believes, or cares, that electronic voting can be very easily rigged. In case your wondering if that is true, check out the paper that was just published on "How to steal an election by hacking the vote".

Personally, I'm waiting for the first electronic voting virus that elects Dogbert, or perhaps finally, Snoopy. A definite imrpovement.

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