Wednesday, October 18, 2006

They come in Threes....

I should go look up the history of that saying, as it is oddly true. I wonder what the third will be in this case?

First, after 10 years of running regular gaming events, it has finally died. The planning and interest has fallen off to the point where we can't get enough to make it viable. You know its dead when you post "It's dead Jim" and the sole response you get is "So long and thanks for all the fish." (Okay, so the one post back didn't really say that but....)

Second, the guild I've been hanging with for the past six months in WoW has taken a turn and those of us "on the edge" (read: refusing to give up our lives for a game) are now gently being pushed aside in favor of people who probably end up looking like Cartman in the WoW episode.

So what's going to be third? The first two have been gaming related, so I'm guessing it'll have to be something in this space. Does the anti-poker bill count?

*sigh* I hate it when weeks are full of Monday's.

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Al Toid said...

My money is the children wanting to play D&D or something with you. Run some simple black/white adventures where they get to smite things just like Mommy does. :)