Monday, November 06, 2006

The more things change....

Standing amongst the smoke from the fires all you could see were tents, fires, food and conversation all the way back to the road that lead into the area. Fires would occasionally flare up from cooking to bonfire status and the whole area had a haze about it showing how long the various camps had their fires going. Smells of different food came from all over.

With a little rework I could really make that sound like the Medieval scene I wanted it to, but my head is too lagged out after last nights Colts @ Pats game. This was my first live NFL game. A very cool experience. We were out tailgating before the game, then did the mini-tour of Gillette. Finally we settled in to wonder where both teams left their defense and whether the officiating crew forgot a layer of clothing and were throwing flags to warm up.

Next time, though, I'm taking the morning after off. Took me half an hour to realize that my Dilbert calendar was on the wrong day; "Is that why the date on the email doesn't look right?!"

*goes off to find more caffeine*

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