Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Parental definition for Recursion

Recursion: noun- The process of defining a function or calculating a number by the repeated application of an algorithm.

After dinner last night my kids decided to have a game of Serpents et Echelles (it's a spin on Chutes and Ladders). My eldest missed the first game, and waited for the second game. This was the start of the second game;

"I want to go first!" Kassie said. "
I didn't play the last game."

"Kyle won the last game," my wife replied. "He should go first."

"I want to go first!" Kyle stated as if it was part of the Constitution.

"But I didn't play in the last game," commented Kassie breaking out her acting lessons and selecting the patented Kim Possible puppy-dog pout. You know, the one that works on anyone that doesn't live in the house and see it hourly.

"I want to go first!" Kyle restates with enough emphasis to ensure the entire NATO assembly could hear him without any amplification.

"Alright!" My wife's tone reminds me of Bill Cosby's skit with the wife wielding the yard stick. "You each roll the die and the one with the highest roll goes first."

"Ok," agreed Kassie. "But I roll first."

"No I do!" said Kyle.

At which point I started laughing my @$$ off. So much for the diplomatic solution.

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