Friday, December 29, 2006

I feel weird....

It was a culmination of many things. For Christmas my wife got me (us? *chuckles*) tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra. I was psyched, especially after she kept not being able to buy tickets for one reason or another (Padawan no more she is, yes).

The concert, as expected, was awesome. This is the second one we've seen and it didn't fail to amaze. My personal favorite was the "dueling synths" which culminated in TSO doing their spin on the Charlie Brown Theme - one of my personal holiday favorites. Came out very relaxed and with that nice "just loud enough" buzz in the ears. Can't wait to hear more from the upcoming "in the near future" album.

Next day the wife and kids took off for her sister's so the kids and their cousin's could be rowdy together. This left me with most of a day to myself. Linux box, done. Call of Duty 3, started. First book in the Icewind Dale series, mostly finished (so it took me to the next day, Ubuntu had me busy geeking).

And at the end of the day I felt weird. Couldn't explain it, just didn't feel normal. Funny how after a few months on edge that feeling normal now feels weird. It took a bit of the day to realize it, but I was relaxed. I had no idea how to deal with that *chuckles* been too long.

Guess it also helps that anything "work" I've consciously avoided like the plague during my vacation. Good life lesson in there!

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