Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sounds like a bad movie...

*sigh* There are some days I really don't understand people. Lets open with the obvious; these days, childish pranks can get you killed. You can ask the parents of Danny Crawford. From reports, the boy was doing what many kids do - act stupid. He and some friends started egging cars near to where they were playing.

Unlike when I was growing up and did something stupid like this, the driver of the Jeep that got egged didn't bring the kid back to his parents, tell them what the kid did, and be assured that the kids' parents would take care of it.

No. That's not very American these days.

This fool decided that he should take matters into his own hands and shoot the kid. Clearly, this was the best option for having your car egged. Was the kid doing something wrong? Yes. Did he deserve to die for egging the guys Jeep? Nope. He deserved to be punished. He got punished, but not in any way that will help him improve his life.

The worst part has to be the "justifications" that come out:

Cars give people a sense of anonymous power that helps explain such confrontations, a type of road rage, said Northeastern University criminologist Jack Levin.

"People are reacting from their gut in the heat of the moment and if they had a little time to think about it and cool off they might not respond at all," he said.

Sorry, road rage or not it's still the person's choice of action. And who ever chose this act, has their own punishment coming.

Perhaps a public egging?

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