Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Remembrance 2006

This is the fourth year, that I have proof of anyway, that I've been writing this yearly remembrance. It has changed as I have changed from a bit of a soap box to a series of events that have inspired me in some way. Some years seem to write themselves and others are their own challenge. This year has been one of the latter. This year, I'm going to answer a question I've never been asked, but have always expected someone to ask.

During the past few years of slimming down and toning up I've answered the obvious questions;

"How did you do it, and don't tell me diet and exercise"
Okay. I wont tell you it was diet and exercise.

"What did you do to lose the weight?"
Two friends were the inspiration for the diet and exercise I do. One came up with the 5 on, 2 off diet. For 5 days you are as close to perfect on your diet as possible, then for 2 days you can relax (a little). My other friend, a former Navy SEAL, recommended using the Navy Seal Bootcamp DVD.

"Are you training for a [marathon or triathlon]?"
No, I exercise to improve my own health. I have other motivations to keep me going.

No one has ever asked about those motivations. Perhaps they feel I've already answered that question, or they know me well enough to realize that my RoadID is the dogtag style and I run with USMC cadences playing.

When I feel I can't do another mile, when I think I can't do another push up, I remember the men and women who are serving our country. They're not comfortably working out in their living room, or running laps around the neighborhood. If they're lucky they're hungry and tired, if not so lucky they are in combat fighting for our right to question the war they are stuck in. It is their heroism that inspires me to keep going. If they can volunteer to serve their country, to put their life on the line, I can give my all - I can go that extra mile or do that last push-up.

In this way, I honor them every day, and I never forget.

P.s. For those of you who would like to help the soldiers directly, check out AnySoldier.

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