Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Further tweaks to FireFox....

Previously I had shown you how to make a minimalist Firefox menu/navigation/bookmarks bar. Continuing on that trend is another extension that lets you shrink the tabs down to their Favicon only. FaviconizeTab allows you to shrink and unshrink your tabs, as well as being able to set specific sites, or parts of a site, to be automatically shrunk down.

This has become a quick favorite for me at work. Normally I have my Wiki, Pandora, and Google Reader open at all times, even when I'm not actually using them. Those 3 tabs consume most of the tab bar when open, and that's before you get to the tabs I'm using for work!

Now I can compress things nicely by right clicking on any tab and selecting FaviconizeTab. Here's the result. Once your used to it it's like minimizing and maximizing windows for regular applications.

I now have Firefox set up to automatically Faviconize Pandora's main page (but not the other member pages) and my Wiki. Other pages I toggle manually.

Not bad for a quick install and minor configuration tweaking.

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