Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Laughing at yourself....

Monday was a day for oopsing on the local network. Over the weekend we lost power for a few minutes. In typical geek fashion, my first thought was "S0lid test of the UPS and Linux box!" so when I got around to checking the logs I found that the linux box didn't realize the power had gone out and had instead rebooted. The cause? I plugged the box into the wrong side of the UPS. Doh!

Simple fix. Then, later on, I decided to change my default shell from bash to tcsh. Easy enough, bust out vim and change /etc/passwd. Log out, log in and... get denied login. Chase my tail for awhile and end up in the recovery console for Ubuntu. Oh, right, helps to install the shell before you attempt to use it. Doh. Installed and running, another simple fix.

When this type of stuff happens I tend to laugh and shrug it off. It's how you learn. During those times where your going "W.T.F.!?" and crawling through cables, manuals, and figuring things out you find out what you know and don't know.

I owe Santa a thank you for the opportunity to learn. Hopefully, she wont be too pissed if I mess up the access on the web server and she can't get to the birthdays while I figure this stuff out!


Al Toid said...

Yay! You've finally moved to tcsh.

qor72 said...

Finally on the linux box. I've been using tcsh as my shell in Cygwin for years now.