Friday, January 19, 2007

Not my usual music...

...but it should be. Last year I heard a song in the background of Wreaths Across America (main site here). Between the song and the imagery I could barely hold back the tears. Looking at all the graves - the true price of our freedom - and listening to the song, well, it did it's job.

I bought the CD last year once I found The Right Brother's website. Ripped it to MP3 and promptly allowed myself to get lost in the season and forget that I had it. As I sit here listening to it now, I've never been more proud of a purchase. The CD was entitled "Remember: A Military Appreciation Project".

It is that. The song that hooked me was "For my country", here's the beginning:
I've never served in the military,
or put my life on the line.
I've never made a sacrifice, for my country.
But I know of those who have,
lost it all in the fight
and of the ones they left behind
for my country.
My thanks to all the men and women, past and present, who have defended or defend us today. I will not forget, and I will ensure my children never forget.

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