Monday, January 08, 2007

Now what?

Ever have that something you've always wanted, worked toward, and then you finally get it and you have the euphoria of it for awhile and then you sit there going "Now What"? I've been doing that lately.

My Linux (Go Ubuntu! No wonder I saw so much press in 2006!) box is up and running. Simple LAMP (minus mySQL at the moment) configuration with SAMBA. The OS install took longer than getting everything else working (here is a nice tutorial on setup). Even the wife is starting to get hooked by comments like "pull it off the fileserver" (although with the USB hub setup I got her for xmas it's not as much a pain to move/backup files as it was before).

The kids have turned a corner and are often off by themselves attacking invisible evil Jedi's or playing Headache and "debating the finer points of etiquette" (I'll leave that to your imagination). Leaving the wife and I going "Now What?" - I haven't had idle time in a few years. It's odd to be able to be taking on some of the projects that were back burnered for so long.

On the martial arts front I'm understanding why Yoda and Ben didn't want Luke to leave Dagobah until he had control over his powers. Knowing how to use it and controlling its usage are as different as the light and dark sides of the force. I've dropped R2 and Yoda a few times myself. The rocks hurt when they land on you.

Hmm, the post is done. Now what?

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