Monday, January 15, 2007

You lucky ....

Been awhile since I posted a poker story. This weekend was the start of the poker season for my friend's game and the first game that my wife was able to attend. I think she lived up to the stories, going from short stacked most of the night to placing 2nd.

This hand eliminated the first player from the game. I was in late position and looked down at K-K. I raised to 2x the big blind (typical raise for the table) the button and SB folded, the LB called, and the other 2 players folded.

The flop came down blank-blank-Ace rainbow. Yuck. The SB bet, and I put him on aces. The bet was relatively low, and I was getting good odds so I called. Another blank on the turn. He doubled his previous bet, which gave me about the same odds, so I called again. River was a King. Yup, I got lucky. He went all-in. I got even luckier.

After some brief thought I called him and he showed A-low. Luck? Foolish play? Stubborn streak? All would be right. Had I not hit the river, this post would have been entitled "You foolish....". Sometimes, it pays to be a little stupid.

Don't do it often though.

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