Thursday, February 08, 2007

Almost made it a year...

Two months short. If you've read my rants on this particular PC and peeked at the keywords you know what's coming; My Alienware laptop is on its way back to Florida. My $0.02 says the power supply decided I was playing WoW too much and gave up.

Yesterday evening I was playing along and I started smelling "something wrong". Those of you who have experienced this know what I mean. It's not smoke, but the melted plastic smell is unmistakable. I quickly powered down and checked the fans. Nothing wrong.

This is where you can tell I worked in IT. Upon booting up I immediately backed up my system. While the backup was running I noticed the "charging" indicator for my battery was on. Odd, as I was running on AC power. I watched as the battery discharged while "charging". I'm willing to bet when it hit Zero is when things ended. The system clicked off and nothing I could do to bring it back to life.

I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Never, never, will I buy another Alienware. I've tagged all my posts, at least one problem per year since I bought it. What a pain.

Oh, and if you buy that extended "3 year onsite" warranty - ask when (hell, if) they would come onsite before purchasing it.

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