Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And we replaced....

The FedEx guy was just here and dropped off the "fixed" Alienware. I haven't booted it up, but reading the tech's report is fun...
  • Duplicated your problem
  • Diagnosed additional problems
  • We replaced your Motherboard ...
  • ... and your memory
Sounds about right, I think the PS was integrated and if it did indeed implode I'm not surprised that it shocked (bad pun?) the memory.

Through it's not quite 3 years of life the following has been replaced:
  • The screen, a week after I received it.
  • Memory, twice. Once last year, and again this year.
  • Motherboard, this years adventure.
In other words, if we add a case, a few fans, and a keyboard they've ended up building me a new laptop. Ouch.

Shall we take bets that the motherboard was faulty and caused most, if not all, of the problems I've encountered? We'll find out.

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