Friday, February 16, 2007

Reactions to the haircut...

My ponytail wasn't 3 feet long and if you didn't look, or go behind me, you probably didn't notice it. I've been into more than one meeting with customers where you could watch their emotions go from "Ah. Nice, suit, haircut. I'll forgive the lack of tie." to "Ponytail?!" and finally to "But he has a clue, okay, never mind". It's been similar having cut it off. Many folks assumed it was there until someone said something or they crossed behind me.

Here are some of the fun ones:
  • "You cut your hair?" *incredulous look*
  • "Turn around!"
  • "NO! YOU DIDN'T!" Two of the girls my daughter takes Martial Arts with were a bit miffed at me.
  • "You look more like your son now." Yeah, he has a short haircut too. We still looked alike.
  • "Why?" This question is not just asked by your 2yo now.
  • "Lose something?"
and my favorite so far....
  • "I hear you cut your hair and you are building a computer?!" My brother-in-law after a mutual friend, and blog reader, let him know. *laughs* Thanks, made my morning today.

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