Thursday, March 08, 2007

(In)famous quotes

The kids are in high gear on the funny quotes department today. The first one will take a little background. At my martial arts class there are a few of us that are singled out to "received old school training" - in other words we get a bit more abuse than the average student. Where a regular student will only feel the wind from the strike, we'll feel it. Honestly, I consider it a gift - if you learn to fight but never take a hit, how will you survive that day that you are forced to use what you have learned and do get hit?

During February vacation my Daughter and I went to class early to help out. As part of that class she earned a free individual lesson for winning one of the contests in class. She's scheduled to take advantage of that individual lesson this weekend and she and I were talking about what she might learn.

"Perhaps you'll do more of your stick form," I said smiling. "Or perhaps [our master] will just beat on you."

"Yes," she said without looking up from the work she was doing with the refrigerator magnets. If you turned on your universal translator you'd realize that she meant "either sounds good".

"You can tell we go to the same school," I said between chuckles to my wife.

Odd thing to be proud of? Not at all. I am very proud that my daughter has overcome her fear of our instructor and now looks forward to practicing with him. She will learn how to punch and kick, and that will serve her well. Learning to overcome her fears will serve her even better.


The second one goes to my youngest later in the day. We are the landing zone for my wife's brother's first child when they need to go to the hospital to have #2. Since the little one hasn't slept over our house before, we scheduled some time for her to come over and get a taste of it before the big event.

I walked into the kids room to see my wife and youngest playing. I noticed that the portable playpen had been set up and couldn't resist bothering my daughter.

"Do you sleep in there?" I asked her, motioning toward the playpen.

"No," she gave me her already-patented-at-3-years-old 'Dad are you nutz?' look. "That's for crying children."

I couldn't stop laughing...

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