Monday, March 05, 2007

You're kidding, right?

I got the crapware booted up last week, started patching and doing all the stuff you have to do when the company reformats your HD after a motherboard upgrade. Rah. Nothing unexpected. I get the patching done, shut it off, unplug and get ready to carry it upstairs when I realized I needed to add a few more quick things. So I try to power it up.

Yes. Try to power it up. It wont power up - no LEDs either. Now, by this time I had had it plugged into the AC for at least 12 hours to charge the battery. Nope. Looks like the battery is dead.

Call up Alienware: "Batteries only have a 1 year warranty." Oh, and their tech's saw the bad battery during their inspection of the system and did not tell me. They are willing to send me a new one, in 4-5 days, for an addition $100+S/H! My cost.

I put the rep on hold and walked around to calm myself from going "Drill Instructor" on him as he would likely hang up. Mentally I reviwed the fun: I bought the 3 year on-site agreement that sends has sent no one on-site. I've sent the system back for repairs 4 times, each time taking two to four weeks round trip. Between two of those trips was a half dozen OS rebuilds, by me (remember on-site didn't send anyone on-site) before it was diagnosed as a memory issue and sent back. And, after all this, they wanted to charge me $100 for a battery.

The end result after I refused to pay and wanted to go up the food chain? The battery is being shipped out for free, "only this time". I had hoped they'd take me up on my idea of buying the laptop back and letting us both go our separate ways - no luck there. I guess they figure after the warranty is up (next year) - I can't bother them anymore.

They've got that right: I only make mistakes like this once. They wont get another purchase out of me.


mikek said...

Dunno how well Lenovo will carry the flag, but...

Thinkpads are the Sherman tanks of laptops.

Granted they're not the greatest for gaming, but still... there's something to be said for not having to shell out a few $thousand every 18 mos.

Al Toid said...

That is so friggin' obnoxious. How difficult is it going to be to support this clunker yourself or are you just going to use it until the warranty dies and it turns into a door stop again?

qor72 said...

Not a bad idea on the Thinkpad Mike, thanks. I've had good luck with Dells at work for years, but I've not tried to do any heavy gaming on them.

Once it goes out of Warranty, I figure the next implosion will kill it and it will become the most expensive paperweight in the house.

Honestly, I'm tempted to eBay it and buy a different laptop.