Monday, April 23, 2007

It's not snowing!

Ok, I do live in New England, and it's still April, so I should really say; "It's not snowing today!" I'll take it. It wasn't a bad winter but I've been sick of snow since Mother Nature started her menopausal bursts in January. 20, 80, 30, Snow, shorts.... ugh. Pick a temperature!

It was a very nice weekend. Almost tempted me to break out the summer clothes. The pattern for this year though is chaos and snow wouldn't surprise me. Got some nice spring cleaning done. Grass seed and patch is done. Garage is completely reorganized. Windows are open. Life is good.

And only 5 days left at work. When the opportunity for my new job hit I was surprised more than anything, I hadn't expected what I found. Then, as I got the hard sell to stay from various departments, it got me thinking about why I was really leaving. They were right, even to my ears, the answers I was giving didn't add up.

It took awhile but I realized that I've been "staying with it" for a long time now. Perhaps it was a little Stockholme Sindrome. Who knows. Whatever term you'd like to apply, it was a challenge I had to understand and overcome. I feel much more like myself than I have in a long while, and that's a good thing.

If you find yourself in one of those positions were "it's not all bad", "I can deal with this", "It's only a temporary thing", take some time to figure out if that's true or if your hiding a deeper problem. No matter the answer you find, you'll be better off for it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Yeah, me too....

I've been hooked on Desktop Tower Defense for a couple weeks now. I couldn't give you a good reason for it, it's just fun. Simple browser based flash game with very simple rules and a really growing community.

Here's the blog post that finally got me to admit my addiction *grins*. As many authors have said, if you have the right personality you are going to want to avoid this game. It gets very addicting trying to survive the final few waves.

You've been warned! lol

That's worth linking too...

An interesting read. I'll give you the opening paragraph and you can go read the rest:
When did America become a nation of frightened wimps? When did we cross the line from courage to cowardice? Was it sometime in the 1990s? After the Oklahoma City bombing? After the Columbine shootings? After 911?

I should really write when I have the ideas....

I think the worst thing is realizing the number of ideas I've had to write about and forgotten the substance of by the time I sat down to write. I am understanding why writing teachers pushed you to keep a journal, a few notes on an idea would really help.

There have been a good half dozen stories I have spaced on. Perhaps I should steal the craptop from the wife when I need to write some notes or *gasp* use some paper. Heh, lesson learned.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Better Lesson

As reported over on Snopes:
In September of 2005, a social studies schoolteacher from Arkansas did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with permission of the school superintendent, the principal, and the building supervisor, she took all of the desks out of the classroom. The kids came into first period, they walked in; there were no desks. They obviously looked around and said, "Where's our desks?"

The teacher said, "You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earn them."

They thought, "Well, maybe it's our grades."

"No," she said.

"Maybe it's our behavior."

And she told them, "No, it's not even your behavior."

And so they came and went in the first period, still no desks in the classroom. Second period, same thing. Third period. By early afternoon television news crews had gathered in the class to find out about this crazy teacher who had taken all the desks out of the classroom. The last period of the day, the instructor gathered her class.

They were at this time sitting on the floor around the sides of the room. She said, "Throughout the day no one has really understood how you earn the desks that sit in this classroom ordinarily. Now I'm going to tell you."

She went over to the door of her classroom and opened it, and as she did 27 U.S. veterans, wearing their uniforms, walked into that classroom, each one carrying a school desk. And they placed those school desks in rows, and then they stood along the wall. By the time they had finished placing the desks, those kids for the first time I think perhaps in their lives understood how they earned those desks.

Their teacher said, "You don't have to earn those desks. These guys did it for you. They put them out there for you, but it's up to you to sit here responsibly, to learn, to be good students and good citizens, because they paid a price for you to have that desk, and don't ever forget it."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The color of the day is Green.

Rather apt for a spring post. Now if Mother Nature would stop dropping white on us. Seriously though, I passed my belt test. The fears, like my blue belt, are in the past. It was a fun test. You know you've hit a new exercise plateau when you are running laps going "Good. This is easy."

More of a mental test for me this round. The physical, as you probably guessed, was "easier" - that's not to say I wasn't completely physically fragged, I was - but I was dealing with other aspects of growth that weren't muscle related.

I'll post more details when I get some more time. It's been a busy few months. Lost the pony tail, new belt, and now - new job! I think that covers my "things come in threes" for this year.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's all in the accounting...


Question; I'm guessing we're talking about the Christian/Catholic (sorry I still can't tell them apart) King James Bible here, which doesn't chronicle Satan's activities. So is this really a fair graph?

Lies. Damned Lies. And Statistics.... yeah.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Every time you install, or even open, a piece of software you are likely accepting the cryptic terms of a EULA. There are all kinds; GPL, Creative Commons, and so on. Some are more or less restrictive than others, but all tend to say the same thing: "If we broke it, it isn't our fault. If you found a fault in it, it's your fault."

Into this comes the WTFPL license. I'm going to reproduce the license exactly as it appears on the source website, if you are easily offended (and think the real meaning of WTF is 'what the fluke' or some such) you might not find this as funny as I did.

Version 2, December 2004

Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar
14 rue de Plaisance, 75014 Paris, France
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified
copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long
as the name is changed.



That would be one license that I'd have fun reading when I installed the software. I wonder how many filters would/will block its text due to the colorful metaphors.