Monday, April 23, 2007

It's not snowing!

Ok, I do live in New England, and it's still April, so I should really say; "It's not snowing today!" I'll take it. It wasn't a bad winter but I've been sick of snow since Mother Nature started her menopausal bursts in January. 20, 80, 30, Snow, shorts.... ugh. Pick a temperature!

It was a very nice weekend. Almost tempted me to break out the summer clothes. The pattern for this year though is chaos and snow wouldn't surprise me. Got some nice spring cleaning done. Grass seed and patch is done. Garage is completely reorganized. Windows are open. Life is good.

And only 5 days left at work. When the opportunity for my new job hit I was surprised more than anything, I hadn't expected what I found. Then, as I got the hard sell to stay from various departments, it got me thinking about why I was really leaving. They were right, even to my ears, the answers I was giving didn't add up.

It took awhile but I realized that I've been "staying with it" for a long time now. Perhaps it was a little Stockholme Sindrome. Who knows. Whatever term you'd like to apply, it was a challenge I had to understand and overcome. I feel much more like myself than I have in a long while, and that's a good thing.

If you find yourself in one of those positions were "it's not all bad", "I can deal with this", "It's only a temporary thing", take some time to figure out if that's true or if your hiding a deeper problem. No matter the answer you find, you'll be better off for it.

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