Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New schedules

I had been reading a post (too bad I lost the link *laughs*) about how to "add days to your year". The author was advocating getting up early, getting moving, etc. It's nothing new, and I'm sure you had heard about this idea before. With the new job I had been giving it some serious thought.

For the past few weeks I'd change my alarm to different times depending on if I was commuting to the office, working from home, or heading to class. It was annoying. This week I decided it would be set to one time, and left there. I now get up before most of the house does.

Today was the first day where I didn't have my commute to work but was up. I moved onto "Week 6" in my training schedule from last year and started the day with a 2 mile run. Managed to put my best per-mile time up for the year thus far.

The world at 6am is quiet. There are a few walkers, some people driving, and not much of the ambient noise I'm used to when I run. That and it was cold, relatively speaking. It was 60 instead of 90. All total, made for a nice start to the day.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ut-oh, I recognize most of these....

Browsing the blogsphere today lands me at "15 (Painfully) Unforgettable cartoon themesongs". Hmm, I must be getting old. I look at most of these as "Yeah, I remember watching that".

Transformers? He-Man? Tiny Toons? Animaniacs? TMNT? Batman the animated series?


Enjoy. The links, after the jump, are to YouTube (mostly) for the opening credits.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why not!!!?!?

Took the weekend and rebuilt all the software I lost when my ill-fated $100 linux box revealed why it was only worth $100. Starting Friday night and continuing through Saturday morning, evening and Monday night, I rewrote all of the software I had. Thankfully the "done it once already" rule applied and a lot of it was remembering some tricks in XSLT that I had to overcome.

The fun, as it turned out, was getting the PERL XML::Checker module working. More precisely, getting Cygwin to compile it. There are some assumptions in the CPAN module that make perfect sense in most distros - but in Cygwin it's more minimalist - you only get what you want/need. And GCC isn't one of them and the errors thrown by CPAN's makefiles don't make it intuitively obvious.... but after a few hours of "wtf this should work" I finally saw the one line, amidst 100s, that said "gcc not found" and off I went.

Friday, May 18, 2007

They're not coming for energon this time....

There are a few movies I'm really curious to see this year. We're taking the kids to see Shrek the Third tonight. It'll be there first opening night at the movies. I hope Dreamworks doesn't let us down, but it doesn't really matter as the kids will have fun. Then, we have Pirates of the Caribbean 3 coming out - I want to see how they tie off the story. None of those have really grabbed me as much as Transformers (new previews on Yahoo!).

I was, and have been, a big fan of Transformers (well, all but the last one on Cartoon network - the rework of the first release in an anime style missed, imo). When I saw that they were doing a movie with human actors, not a cartoon, I was very skeptical. That lasted till the first preview.

From the previews this looks like the people from Terminator 2 and Godzilla got together and decided to take on the story of Cybertronians. Although, this time they're not trying to go home, it looks like they are trying to take over. Decepticons attacking the world, Autobots defending it. Sounds like a good 4th of July movie to me!

I can't wait.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Code of Silence

def Code
print "of silence...."

Been getting the "what's up with the new job" and "have you stopped blogging?" questions a lot. The new job is going well. Between that, and sorting out the new schedule around it, I have been busy enough to forget to post. I wish there was a quick way to stuff ideas into the queue for later, but aside from booting up, getting to blogger, and editing a draft all my ideas lately have died at the "I have to boot the computer?" stage.

This is my first post being written on my new Mac. As part of all the changes for work, this is the really big one. I'm still OS agnostic, but I'm getting really hooked on having access to all the open source tools I want as well as a very solid default set from Apple. Quicksilver rocks.

The rest I'll have to write up later. For now, back to work!

P.s. If you get the joke, well, you have proven your geekness for this week.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pain helps learning?

For Christmas my wife got me a "play system". One of the many things being tossed around was a $100 server good enough for a home linux system. I have been running Ubuntu and a few toys on it since. I trusted it enough, and had backups of the main files that mattered. Nothing went on there that wasn't recoverable.... or at least that's the thought.

The HD crashed. Okay, where are the backups? I had backups of the files I needed from before I moved them to the laptop, small changes mostly, no big deal.... um.... where are the backups? Oh, thank you Norton, when you backup the C drive of one system and the C drive of another system and place them into the same directory you get..... yes, one file. As in, last one in wins. Ouch.

Guess that was lesson one.

Lesson two; If your linux system drops the filesystem into readonly mode run backups before restarting. Ouch is the lesson for that one. I had access to the files I needed, but "assumed it would reboot" as it always had. No such luck, the partition information (looks like logical sectors 0 and 2 got smoked) is gone and although I have found some tools to rebuild it, I can't write it back to the disk!

Seems that dd_rescue is able to copy it off so maybe I can get lucky. Once I find a disk to copy it to... I don't think it'll all fit on my 1gig flashdrive.... although I'm going to find out.

Tools to remember....
testdisk by CGSecurity -- Found my missing partition information. Can't write it back because the disk is fubar.
dd_rescue - a better dd command, it'll keep running even with errors.
Knoppix live CD -- has bailed me out more than once, and did again. Comes loaded with testdisk and dd_rescue. Knew I kept this live CD around for a reason.

*back to praying....* I knew M$ would get even with me for having more than M$ OSes in the house!