Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Code of Silence

def Code
print "of silence...."

Been getting the "what's up with the new job" and "have you stopped blogging?" questions a lot. The new job is going well. Between that, and sorting out the new schedule around it, I have been busy enough to forget to post. I wish there was a quick way to stuff ideas into the queue for later, but aside from booting up, getting to blogger, and editing a draft all my ideas lately have died at the "I have to boot the computer?" stage.

This is my first post being written on my new Mac. As part of all the changes for work, this is the really big one. I'm still OS agnostic, but I'm getting really hooked on having access to all the open source tools I want as well as a very solid default set from Apple. Quicksilver rocks.

The rest I'll have to write up later. For now, back to work!

P.s. If you get the joke, well, you have proven your geekness for this week.

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