Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New schedules

I had been reading a post (too bad I lost the link *laughs*) about how to "add days to your year". The author was advocating getting up early, getting moving, etc. It's nothing new, and I'm sure you had heard about this idea before. With the new job I had been giving it some serious thought.

For the past few weeks I'd change my alarm to different times depending on if I was commuting to the office, working from home, or heading to class. It was annoying. This week I decided it would be set to one time, and left there. I now get up before most of the house does.

Today was the first day where I didn't have my commute to work but was up. I moved onto "Week 6" in my training schedule from last year and started the day with a 2 mile run. Managed to put my best per-mile time up for the year thus far.

The world at 6am is quiet. There are a few walkers, some people driving, and not much of the ambient noise I'm used to when I run. That and it was cold, relatively speaking. It was 60 instead of 90. All total, made for a nice start to the day.

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Al Toid said...

Class? What kind of class are you taking?