Friday, May 18, 2007

They're not coming for energon this time....

There are a few movies I'm really curious to see this year. We're taking the kids to see Shrek the Third tonight. It'll be there first opening night at the movies. I hope Dreamworks doesn't let us down, but it doesn't really matter as the kids will have fun. Then, we have Pirates of the Caribbean 3 coming out - I want to see how they tie off the story. None of those have really grabbed me as much as Transformers (new previews on Yahoo!).

I was, and have been, a big fan of Transformers (well, all but the last one on Cartoon network - the rework of the first release in an anime style missed, imo). When I saw that they were doing a movie with human actors, not a cartoon, I was very skeptical. That lasted till the first preview.

From the previews this looks like the people from Terminator 2 and Godzilla got together and decided to take on the story of Cybertronians. Although, this time they're not trying to go home, it looks like they are trying to take over. Decepticons attacking the world, Autobots defending it. Sounds like a good 4th of July movie to me!

I can't wait.

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