Friday, June 29, 2007

But is the RIAA listening?

I've been saying this for years, glad someone up the food chain has a similar view:

So who killed the record industry as we knew it? "The record companies have created this situation themselves," says Simon Wright, CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group, which operates Virgin Megastores. While there are factors outside of the labels' control -- from the rise of the Internet to the popularity of video games and DVDs -- many in the industry see the last seven years as a series of botched opportunities. And among the biggest, they say, was the labels' failure to address online piracy at the beginning by making peace with the first file-sharing service, Napster. "They left billions and billions of dollars on the table by suing Napster -- that was the moment that the labels killed themselves," says Jeff Kwatinetz, CEO of management company the Firm. "The record business had an unbelievable opportunity there. They were all using the same service. It was as if everybody was listening to the same radio station. Then Napster shut down, and all those 30 or 40 million people went to other [file-sharing services]."
I added the emphasis. This is from a Rolling Stone Article entitled "The Record Industry's Decline". The store of the recording labels is one for any entrenched business model - at some point you will be obsoleted and trying to push the genie back into the bottle wont work. You will be left behind.

Anyone want to tell the oil industry about that?

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