Tuesday, July 31, 2007

eBay should hire me....

I am a magnet for scam artists.

To no ones surprise, not even mine, the 3rd listing was finally canceled. The owner of the account that sent me the "Please ship to Nigeria" had bid on at least a half dozen other items, and tried similar scams judging by their feedback page. What a jerk.

At least this time, I could see the scam in action. Thus far, 3 listings, two "completed" auctions, and still the item hasn't sold. Even worse? I had an interested real buyer that got screwed by the scam jerk too! I can't even contact them to tell them I put up another auction. Complete pain in the @$$.

And people make a living on eBay? I can't say I see how......

Monday, July 30, 2007

And the saga continues...

The Auction completed and I have a few bids. You'd think I'd be happier. Unfortunately, the first buyer now wants me to ship my "I only ship to US" to Nigeria. He even sent a quick payment via PayPal and changed the shipping to include for overseas payments.

All good, if you skip the "only to US" part of my auction. Oh, and that I can find no record of the PayPal transaction on PayPal, only in his email (no, I didn't use his email to verify it - seen enough URL scams to know better).

I've put it back into eBay's hands. We'll see what they say. I'm hoping we can drop this bidder and move onto another one and not have to relist it for a 3rd time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

George Patton speaks out on the war on terror.

I'm sure he can speak for himself.

Sadly, I will be telling the grandkids I sat on my @$$ and blogged about it. Lesson there kids; the consequences of a choice, will be with you your entire life. Make the one that suits you best -- often, that may not be the right one.

Who's home are you improving?

I was talking with a friend this morning about the book Improvised Lock Picking. The word book is a bit strong for what I had. The book was short, bound together with paper slightly thicker than the pages and was more a review for someone who already knew what to do. Honestly, you needed real lock picks, I'm not McGyver. As we were talking I went to see if Amazon had lock picks for sale and the results cracked me up.

Lock Picks are a Home Improvement!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lvl 70 ETC....

I've been enjoying this video from Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftan. If your not into WoW, you may not get the reference.

"I am Murloc"

And the winner is....?


The auction completed yesterday afternoon, for a decent bid. I started into the final steps, sent out the invoice and shutdown to get ready for Martial Arts. The universe blessed me with some free time after dinner before class began, so I went down to play video games.

I checked my email. eBay informed me that one of my bidders reported that they lost control of their account. The auction has been deleted and all activity expunged because of the invalid account bidding. "Sorry" said the email. Somehow sorry didn't make it any better. Another 7 days down.

I've put auction v3.0 up. Here's hoping this one can go off without a hitch. If not, [expletive deleted] eBay, I'll go take a shot on Craig's list.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cross your fingers!

Today is the day that my eBay sale of the craptop completes. Thus far there have been 3 bids, from two different buyers. Two real questions, and 8 scam attempts (is nothing safe? yeesh.).

Is the saga over? Or is this the next chapter.... we'll find out this afternoon!

Friday, July 20, 2007

This could be the end of the world.....

... of warcraft.

Not really.

The episode is up for an emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. If you've managed not to see it, go check it out (the jump is funky, it'll come up). Even my non-WoW playing friends enjoyed the episode, and those of us who play still quote it all too often. Seeing the SouthPark friends babbling in Elwynn still cracks me up.

Time for a Pandora plug....

It's been awhile! Really. Unless you recently started reading you know I love Pandora. I have many stations tuned to everything from "my normal music" to things I didn't know I liked until it popped up on another station. This morning I was reading the Pandora blog and it was talking about instrumental only stations... silly me, I hadn't thought of putting in an instrumental tune I like and tweaking the station to play only instrumentals.

After a few seconds my Instrumental Rock station was formed. Been on all morning. Currently it's playing a tune by Joe Satriani. Gotta love it when you learn new tricks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

eBay v2.0

The auction for the craptop is back up and running. Not sure exactly what I did to trigger eBay's fear rules. I was "restricted", not suspended. The difference being all I had to do was jump through a few automated hoops based upon my personal data and I was back and running. Mostly. The auction was shutdown and I had to restart it. Doesn't look like eBay charged me for the aborted auction though - that's a plus.

There is already one bid out on the craptop. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the end to this saga. The optimist in me is hoping to get enough from the sale to get a new iPhone (okay, shoot me I said it) and a Wii for the family.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ongoing Story of the Crapware....

Finally got off my tail and rebuilt the crapware and put up an entry on eBay. I seemed to get some interest, at least, if the interest wasn't spam. I answered questions, etc. and then eBay took my listing off and is requiring that I validate my account.

Even when I'm not using the laptop it causes trouble! If anyone wants it, $600+s/h and you can have it!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

WoW Addons...

Here we go!

These are the addons that I use while playing WoW. All links will lead you to Curse-Gaming.com.

Adds a "sell all the junk" button to vendor windows. It only sells gray items, and you can configure it from the defaults. Makes chasing "where did that junk go" much easier.

Instead of 5 different bags (or worse in the bank) this mod condenses all your bags into one "space", allows you to search it, and view your other characters (including banks!).

Helping answer that "should I roll on this BoP?" is EquipCompare which brings up your current item (or items) next to this new item. Got a new BP and not sure if it's good? View it, and next to it will be your current one so you can compare the stats.

Very nice mod when everyone has it. Allows you to see the healing/damage/etc. that your group is putting down. Still the most fun at the end of the night to show that it was the mage that required the most healing, not the tank. *evil grin* Allows for syncing of multiple data sources so the entire party's view of the battle is taken into account.

Helping you to realize that if you cast one more spell the 70 elite is going to come and squash your clothness is the Threat Meter. Like DamageMeters, works best when all members have it.

I recently started changing how my default UI was laid out. As a hunter, I wanted to do a few things that the default layout wouldn't let me do. Bongos lets you customize, tweak, resize, and generally break a lot of "rules" you thought were fixed for button bars.