Monday, July 16, 2007

WoW Addons...

Here we go!

These are the addons that I use while playing WoW. All links will lead you to

Adds a "sell all the junk" button to vendor windows. It only sells gray items, and you can configure it from the defaults. Makes chasing "where did that junk go" much easier.

Instead of 5 different bags (or worse in the bank) this mod condenses all your bags into one "space", allows you to search it, and view your other characters (including banks!).

Helping answer that "should I roll on this BoP?" is EquipCompare which brings up your current item (or items) next to this new item. Got a new BP and not sure if it's good? View it, and next to it will be your current one so you can compare the stats.

Very nice mod when everyone has it. Allows you to see the healing/damage/etc. that your group is putting down. Still the most fun at the end of the night to show that it was the mage that required the most healing, not the tank. *evil grin* Allows for syncing of multiple data sources so the entire party's view of the battle is taken into account.

Helping you to realize that if you cast one more spell the 70 elite is going to come and squash your clothness is the Threat Meter. Like DamageMeters, works best when all members have it.

I recently started changing how my default UI was laid out. As a hunter, I wanted to do a few things that the default layout wouldn't let me do. Bongos lets you customize, tweak, resize, and generally break a lot of "rules" you thought were fixed for button bars.

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