Monday, August 06, 2007

The eBay saga continues....

Another 5 day wait, another auction completed, another person who wants me to ship it to Nigeria. Uh, guys, "Only ships to the USA" means what it says. eBay feels like a candy shop for scam artists. I'm waiting for eBay to look into my winner, declare my auction a bust, and then I'm going to try a different site. 20 days so far on eBay, 3 completed auctions, and no humans to be seen. I've wasted more time waiting for things to be tossed out than I have trying to get it sold.

This last one has the winning "yeah right". The winner listed themselves as living in the US, but when you go to invoice them, an entire address in Nigeria. I have to ask these people using Nigeria as a scam location - knowing that the moment most web folk see the word Nigeria in an email or auction they figure its a scam, you'd think you'd use a different country? Anyway, so I write to the winner and say "This auction stated only shipping to the US. Please retract your bid" and I got back "please its just your help that i needed i will explain later to you." [sic].

Right. Sorry, not going to give you my bank account so you can send me millions of dollars that you need to sneak out of the country but that you'll split half with me. Ugh.

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Al Toid said...

Dude, how the heck does this always happen to you? Do you put something like "need to sell my computer because I've been rooked by online scams" in your ad or something?